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Here are some typical questions we get asked. We also answer our Top 10 questions at the right. If you don’t find answers to your specific questions, please email or chat with us.

  • Who may attend classes? Beyond paying for the class, there are no minimum requirements to attend our in-person or online classes. Specifically, we do not have any educational prerequisites and we do not offer post-secondary education or degree programs. We are not a school. Anyone and everyone is equally welcome to attend our training classes and will receive a certificate of completion upon completing our class requirements.
  • Are any of your classes recorded? No! All of our classes, whether in a classroom or online, are 100% live, interactive, and never recorded. We do not use or offer recorded content.
  • What does each class include? 100% live and interactive instruction, student course book and learning aids (checklists, formula worksheets, examples, exercises, etc.), online PMP practice test exams with over 10,000 questions and answers (with explanations), invites to attend for free our other training classes, individual sessions, and Webinars as extra study opportunities, and help with your PMI application.
  • Do classes qualify for contact hours or earn PDUs by the Project Management Institute (PMI)? Yes! Our PMP/CAPM exam prep courses earn 35 eligible contact hours of training as required for the PMP, which exceeds the 23 hours required for the CAPM certification. Our 35 contact hours applies simultaneously to both.
  • Are you a PMI Registered Education Provider (R.E.P.)? No, PMI does not require PMP and CAPM exam prep training companies to be R.E.P.
  • Are you an American company?. Yes, we are not only an American company, our company owner and most of our instructors are military service veterans.
  • Are your instructors qualified and experienced?. Yes, of course! Each of our instructors have 10-25+ years of hands-on project management experience, have years of experience teaching project management, and have earned at least a bachelor’s degree. Further, we continuously evaluate and improve ourselves, course delivery, and course content.
  • How much do classes cost? Please check our top banner or visit our class schedule pages for current pricing and special offers.
  • Do you offer discount for groups? Yes, please email for group and corporate pricing.
  • Do you offer discount for U.S. military service members? Yes, please email for discount information.
  • Do you offer discount for unemployed Americans? Yes, please email for discount information.
  • Do you offer discount for full-time students? Yes, please email for discount information.
  • Can I change my class date? Yes, we understand that things come up so no problem as we have classes starting almost every week.
  • Do you guarantee a class to be held?. No. While we would love to hold every class, reality says we need a minimum number of students to hold a class. Online classes require three students to hold. We try to make our final Go/No Go decision at least five days before the class start date. Our goal, of course, is to hold all classes. We reserve the right to reschedule any class. If this happens, we will reschedule you for the next session. Alternatively, you may reschedule to another date that works with your schedule or, upon request, get a full refund. Any refunds will be processed as noted above.
  • What is your class guarantee?. We offer a test pass guarantee. We want you to pass and are so confident in our course and methods, that we offer a “pass” guarantee. All you need to do is attend all of your class sessions and score 75% or better on the last 50 questions of any process group or knowledge area. We say the last 50 because we don’t want to penalize you for earlier tests where you might not have known the material! We also require that you score at least 75% on last 25 questions in any process. If you are having problems reaching these milestones, you can re-attend any class or session or join any of our live online study sessions. You can take as many classes as you like for up to one year! If you fail the test three times, we will refund the full price of the training.
  • What is your price guarantee?. We will beat the price of any American-owned, operated, and staffed training company. If you find a lower advertised price please let us know and we will give you a better price.
  • What are your specific terms and conditions?. Please see our terms and conditions.
  • Are classes held on holidays?. We do not hold classes on U.S. federal holidays, on days before or after certain holidays, on Good Friday, on Easter Weekend, or on Election Day during presidential election years. In 2019 classes will not be held on April 19-21 (Good Friday and Easter weekend), May 25-27 (Memorial Day and Weekend), July 4-7 (Independence Day and Weekend), August 31-September 2 (Labor Day), October 12-14 (Columbus Day and Weekend), November 11 (Veterans Day), November 28-December 1 (Thanksgiving Day and Weekend), and December 21-January 5 (Christmas and New Years).

Last updated: June 28, 2019 at 3:08 am. Need more information or help? Chat with us, email, or call us at (855) 397-6735. GetPMTraining is training by ezProjectManagement, Inc., which may also be referred as ezProjectManagement or as ez Project Management. We teach basic project management, advanced project management, and CAPM and PMP certification exam prep seminars, classes, workshops, and bootcamps (boot camps) via 100% live instruction either in-person classroom or online virtual classrooms.