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We care a lot about customer service. However, please recognize that we are a small business and we do not have someone taking phone calls 24 hours a day. The most efficient means to communicate with us is via email as it gets distributed to a broader group of people and typically get answered in minutes or a few hours. Anyone answering an email is a project manager and instructor, able to answer any question about our training.

Contact Information

Please use any of the following to reach us for sales, support, or any inquiry:

Accessible Training

  • Our classes, workshops, and seminars are accessible for anyone with disabilities and are Section 508 compliant, 42 USC § 12101 and 29 USC § 794 (d), respectively.
  • Held in locations convenient to public transportation and always includes free parking.
  • Written and delivered in standard American English.

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Last updated: January 2, 2019 at 10:14 am. Need more information or help? Chat with us, email, or call us at (855) 397-6735. ezProjectManagement, Inc. may also be referred as ezProjectManagement or as ez Project Management. We teach basic project management, advanced project management, and CAPM and PMP certification exam prep seminars, classes, workshops, and bootcamps (boot camps) via 100% live instruction either in-person classroom or online virtual classrooms.