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Group, Custom, & Firm Fixed Price Training

We are happy to provide you with group pricing, custom classes, and firm fixed price (FFP) training. We conduct on-site or off-site project management and PMP certification exam prep training classes anywhere, anytime.

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Make Us Your Training Partner

Here are seven reasons we should be your training partner:

  1. 100% Live Training. Yes, 100% live, absolutely no recorded content. Read More
  2. Benefits. Relevant, correct, current, and complete. Accessible, supported during and after class. Read More
  3. Quality, Price, and Delivery. Exceptional quality, experienced instructors, and lowest price. Read More
  4. Buy American, Hire American. Our company is fully compliant with the government’s “Buy American, Hire American” executive order (13788). Read More
  5. Use E-Verify®. As a good corporate citizen, as a government contractor, we use E-Verify. Read More
  6. Veteran-Owned Small Business. We are a Veteran-Owned Small Business (VOSB). Read More
  7. Guaranteed. We guarantee the quality of our training, quarnantee that our PMP and CAPM exam prep students will pass their credential exams, and we guarantee our price. Read More

Request a Quote

Please tell us your training requirements so that we can give you a detailed response, please email or call us at (855) 397-6735 with the following information:

  • If a group rate, please tell us which class(es) and location(s).
  • If an on-site or off-site class, please tell us where, when, how many students, and topic(s).
  • For a proposal or invoice, please tell us your company name, contact, address, telephone, and email address. Please also include any company-required information (e.g., PO Number).

Request a Quote

Group Pricing

We are happy to give discounts to groups, even set up a corporate rate for our classes. If you want to send several people to a single class or a number of people to several classes over time, please email us! Discount rate varies with number of students and approach, such as:

  • Three plus students in the same class.
  • Ten plus students in several classes.
  • Buying seats for future to-be-determined students and classes.
  • or call us at (855) 397-6735

Custom Classes

Our classes can be held at your location, at times that best work for you, with tailored content to align with how you carry out projects and do business. Please email us with your requirements.

  • PMP and CAPM certification exam prep classes new and experienced project managers.
  • Basic project management covering “Project Management 101” for management, new and experienced project managers, and team members.
  • Advanced project management covering “Project Management 201” for new and experienced project managers.
  • Project management seminars and workshops on almost any project management topic for everyone from management to team members, from new project managers to your most experienced project managers.

Request Custom Class(es)

Spend Wisely, Learn Well, Contract Quickly

Firm Fixed Price Classes

Custom PMP and CAPM Project Management Certification Exam Prep Class based on the specific needs of your organization! Request a FFP Invoice or call us at (855) 397-6735.

  • Price. We are offering dramatically reduced, Firm Fixed Price (FFP) classes to assist with your end of Fiscal Year contracting! Contract now with a FFP contract and we will define the date and location in full compliance with all contracting rules and regulations! Pricing is below.
    • Class Only (Regular price is $2,495)
      • Up to 10 Students. $14,212.50 ($1,421.25 each, save $10,737.50)
      • Up to 20 Students. $24,950.00 ($1,247.50 each, save $24,950)
      • Up to 30 Students. $29,850.00 ($995 each, save $45,000)
    • Class and Exam (Regular price is $3,070)
      • Up to 10 Students. $19,962.50 ($1,421.25 each, save $10,737.50)
      • Up to 20 Students. $36,450.00 ($1,247.50 each, save $24,950)
      • Up to 30 Students. $47,100.00 ($995 each, save $45,000)
  • Market. Any business, government agency or government contractor in need of PMP certified Project Managers!
  • Anywhere. Location of your choice!
  • Anytime. Time and date of your choice!
  • Scope. Basic project management skills with a specific focus on preparing students for either the CAPM or PMP certification exams.
  • Class Format. The length of the class is determined by your unique needs, however our normal format 5 days. We are pleased to make reasonable adjustments to meet our client’s needs. Everything is included, including all course materials, access to ezPMPractice™ practice test site with over 10,000 questions and unlimited to any class we hold, either online or in person, for one year.
  • Guaranteed. We guarantee students who complete their coursework and meet our minimum requirements will pass the PMP or CAPM certification exam. If they fail, we will provide restudy recommendations, including re-attending our class (live online or in person), and pay for one re-test.
  • U.S. Course Materials. Our course materials are written in the United States by experienced U.S.-based project managers.
  • U.S. Instructors. Our instructors are experienced U.S. based projects managers who also love to teach! All are U.S. citizens and many are military service veterans with extensive experience in both teaching and leading projects.
  • Accessible and Section 508 Compliant. Our course materials and delivery are accessible and Section 508 compliant.
  • Buy American, Hire American Compliant. We are a U.S. and veteran-owned company. Our instructors are U.S. citizens and military service veterans.
  • Office of Foreign Asset Control/State Department Sanctioned Jurisdiction. We are a 100% domestic sourced company! Contract with us without fear of any hidden connections with sanctioned jurisdictions, individuals or companies. This is extremely important if you are US Government organization or contractor.
  • The Small Print
    1. Price is inclusive of all class instruction, materials, supplies, equipment, instructor, travel, and per diem costs.
    2. Customer will provide location to conduct class.
    3. Classes may be rescheduled. If so, rescheduling costs incurred, e.g., airline flight reservations changes, will be billed at cost.
    4. Add $1,000 per class for non-US locations to cover potential travel and per diem costs. Else, provide travel and lodging.
    5. Add $1,000 per day for each non-class day inserted into the 5-day format.

    Request a FFP Invoice

Company Profile

Here is a brief checklist summarizing our company profile:

  • Formal Name: ezProjectManagement, Inc.
  • Common Name: ezProjectManagement
  • EIN: 82-4259519
  • DUNS: 081068214
  • Corporate Structure: Corporation
  • State Identification: Nevada Business ID NV20171827127
  • Business Type and Certifications: U.S. owned and operated business, a Veteran-Owned Small Business (VOSB)
  • Buy American, Hire American executive order: Compliant with the government’s “Buy American, Hire American” executive order (13788)
  • Program Management Improvement Act of 2015: Fully support the Program Management Improvement and Accountability Act of 2015 (PMIAA, Public Law 114-264 or 31 USC 501)
  • U.S. Sourced Vendor Requirements: Meet U.S. sourced vendor requirements
  • OFAC and State Department Sanctioned Jurisdictions: No potential issues.
  • Equal Opportunity Employer: We hire on the basis of qualifications, merit, and business need. Preference is given to military service veterans.
  • E-Verify: The company participates in the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) E-Verify program to ensure that all employees and contractors are legally eligible to work in the U.S.
  • SIC Codes: 8200 (Educational Services), 8700 (Services-Engineering, Accounting, Research, Management), 8711 (Services-Engineering Services), 8741 (Services-Management Services), 8742 (Management consulting services).
  • NAICS Codes: 611430 (Professional and Management Development Training), 611691 (Exam Preparation and Tutoring), 611710 (Educational Support Services), 611420 (Computer Training), and 541611 (Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services).
  • PSC Codes: R408 (Program Management/Support Services), R410 (Support – Professional: Program evaluation/review/development), R499 (Other Professional Services), U004 (Scientific and Management Training), U008 (Training/Curriculum Development), U009 (Education/Training), U099 (Other Educational and Training Services)
  • FSC Code: 6910 (Training Aids)
  • Year Established: 2017
  • Trademarks and Servicemarks: The company name ezProjectManagement (with or without a space), the ezProjectManagement logo, ezPMP35, and the phrase “Successful Projects Don’t Happen by Chance.” are service marks of ezProjectManagement, Inc.
  • Address: We are virtual company, teaching online and around the US or anywhere that a customer wants a class taught. Our mailing address is PO Box 12141, Reno, Nevada, 89510.
  • Telephone: (855) 397-6735
  • Fax: (855) 397-6735
  • Email:
  • Chat: Typically at bottom-right of any of our website pages

Classes Start Weekly!

Convenient 100% live online virtual classes morning, day, evening, and weekend to fit any schedule. Plus group and custom classes anywhere, anytime.

  • Weekday Morning Classes start at 8:30 a.m. Eastern, twice weekly, for two hours each session. Next class starts ,
  • Week Day Classes start at 8:30 a.m. Eastern, and run for four days, Monday through Thursday. Next class starts Monday, Nov 18,
  • Weekday Evening Classes start at 8:00 p.m. Eastern, twice weekly, for two hours each session. Next class starts ,
  • Weekend Classes at 8:30 a.m. Eastern, and run for four Saturdays. Next class starts .
  • Basic and Advanced Project Management Training Classes, Workshops, and Seminars. Learn More, and
  • Custom group classes anywhere, anytime. Learn More.

100% Live PMP Certification Exam Prep classroom classes are available on on request. Learn More

Overview, basic, and advanced project management classes and topic-specific workshops and seminars are also on request. Learn More

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Last updated: June 28, 2019 at 3:10 am. Need more information or help? Chat with us, email, or call us at (855) 397-6735. ezProjectManagement, Inc. may also be referred as ezProjectManagement or as ez Project Management. We teach basic project management, advanced project management, and CAPM and PMP certification exam prep seminars, classes, workshops, and bootcamps (boot camps) via 100% live instruction either in-person classroom or online virtual classrooms.