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Basic Project Management Training

Our basic project management training is essentially Project Management 101. It introduces the foundations and principles of project management, including the methods, tools, techniques, and processes that are typical in carrying out projects from initiating to closing. Basic project management is perfect for new project managers, management, and anyone who has never had formal project management training.

Note: This is not a PMP/CAPM certification exam prep class and will not prepare you to take those exams.

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Why Choose Us?

What really makes us stand out is that we are experts in project management and we teach project management. Our classes are 100% live, nothing recorded. Our value is exceptional quality, experienced instructors, and lowest price, guaranteed. Plus, we are an American-owned, veteran-owned small business.

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Basic Project Management Training

  1. Introduction.
  2. Basic Best Practices. Presentation of basic and common project management best practices.
  3. Initiating a Project. Interactive discussion and exercise on receiving, accepting, and kicking off a project, including the steps to identify stakeholders and plan planning.
  4. Planning a Project. Interactive discussion and exercise on planning a project from collecting requirements and setting scope, to create a robust project management plan, then creating a project and solution work breakdown structure (WBS), and building a schedule from it (including resources, duration, and cost estimates). Planning will also address quality, risk, procurement, and other relevant planning topics.
  5. Executing a Project. Interactive discussion and exercise on following the plan to execute the project and create the product, service, or result required of the project.
  6. Monitoring and Controlling a Project. Interactive discussion and exercise on a wide range of topics from configuration management, change control, quality control and quality assurance, to reporting topics, such as earned value. Monitoring and controlling will also address continuous and process improvement.
  7. Closing Projects. Interactive discussion on steps to fully close and hand off a project so that follow-on projects can reuse or pickup from where the project left off, so that other projects might learn from the project, etc.
  8. Next Steps. Review the practice of project management and how to implement it in individual projects with emphasis will be on identifying and adopting best practices.

Project Management Practices

Project managers too often learn project management skills through on-the-job training in environments not supportive of project management best practices and at the hands of people never trained in project management. This is a failing combination.

Our project management training breaks this cycle through focused step-by-step training and exercises to teach robust project management tools and techniques that emphasize reuse and repeatability so that the practices can be learned and sustained beyond their discussion and exercise in a class setting.

Our project management seminars, workshops, and classes cover practices promoted in the PMBOK® Guide, ISO/IEC/IEEE 12207, 15288, 16326, and 21500, MIL-STD-881C, ISO-9001, CMMI, Six Sigma, Lean Six Sigma, Unified Process, SDLC, DAU Integrated Life Cycle, Agile Manifesto, Scrum, etc.

100% Live Training

Our classes, workshops, and seminars are:

  • 100% live, interactive, and instructor-led. Absolutely no recorded content,
  • Relevant, correct, current, and complete,
  • Written by Americans, written in American English, and delivered in American English,
  • Accessible for anyone with disabilities and are Section 508 compliant, 42 USC § 12101 and 29 USC § 794 (d), respectively,,
  • Our in-person classes are held in locations convenient to public transportation and always includes free parking. Live online classes are browser-based, so are simple to access.

Group, Custom, and Corporate Training

We are happy to provide you with group pricing, custom schedules, and custom classes. We conduct on-site or off-site custom classes anywhere, anytime. Our expertise is in teaching basic and advanced project management skills and PMP and CAPM certification exam prep classes.

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Accessible Training

  • Our classes, workshops, and seminars are accessible for anyone with disabilities and are Section 508 compliant, 42 USC § 12101 and 29 USC § 794 (d), respectively.
  • Held in locations convenient to public transportation and always includes free parking.
  • Written and delivered in standard American English.

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