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Where Do You Get PMP Exam Prep Training? — Best PMP Classes


Getting PMP Exam Prep Training is a big investment if out of your own pocket and no less an investment if you are buying it for your employees. Quality, delivery, source, price, and guarantees are five obvious considerations.

As regards quality:

  • Is the training comprehensive, current, and relevant? Is the course written and vetted against the PMI’s PMP Outline and the PMBOK Guide? Is it traceable and inclusive or just a summary?
  • How is the training organized? Many courses simply follow the PMBOK Guide, often chapter- and page-by-page. The PMBOK Guide is a reference book, not a course book.Better training courses will be organized in a logical manner, such as following a typical project workflow from initiation through closing.
  • Is it written in the US and written in American English? This matters. Broken English, translated courses, and non-US examples, experience, and context will be distracting and unhelpful.
  • How many practice test questions are included in the course? Most training companies offer a few hundred or a thousand or so questions. This is inadequate. Consider the PMP Outline covers 5 domains with 42 tasks and 86 knowledge and skills. Further, the PMBOK Guide covers 10 knowledge areas, five process groups, 49 formal processes, 119 inputs and outputs, 284 tools and techniques, and 359 named deliverables. That is 1,031 items if only one question on each! And note that PMI says the PMBOK Guide is not all-inclusive and not by-itself suitable reference or study source for the PMP certification exam. Several thousand practice test questions are needed, even if not all attempted, to prepare for the exam.

And regarding delivery:

  • Is the training live? Recorded content is cheap, notoriously limited, and has high failure rate. Live instruction, whether online or in person, is necessary so students can ask questions, discuss topics, and get more than a reading of the course material. Yes, you get what you pay for.
  • Is the training delivered in American English? This is a simple consideration. Do you want to understand the instructor, be able to discuss topics without language and translation distractions, and dig into the word games that many PMP certification questions entail? English as a second language is an unnecessary challenge.
  • Are the instructors experienced project managers and do they have experience teaching project management? Some companies simply hire unemployed project managers to deliver their courses. Else low-ball rates to hire a warm body to deliver the course without regard to experience and results.
  • Is the training accessible and Section 508 compliant? I don’t know should not be sufficient.

    And who is the source of the training?

  • Is the training company the source of the material or are they simply re-marketing someone else’s training? Maybe an affiliate. If not the owner and source of the material, they cannot ensure it is accurate, complete, and reflects timely updates.
  • Is the company US-based and owned? Surprisingly, or maybe not so surprising, most of the top-of-the-search results list of companies are not US companies. Government employees and companies doing business with the government are bound by Buy American, Hire American. Besides, even if you are not, why would you spend money on foreign training?
  • Does the company do business with countries like Iran and North Korea? Very surprisingly, if you do a search of many companies and the country or capital of Iran or North Korea, you will find they do business with these companies. Whether legal or not, do you want to be doing business with companies doing business in Iran and North Korea? In the US, companies, especially government contractors are required to consider OFAC and State Department Sanctions.
  • Is the company veteran-owned? Sadly, very, very few are.

And what about the price?

  • Is the price competitive? Prices range from $777 to over $5,000 per person! Seriously, there are companies out there selling, or at least offering, classes for several thousands of dollars.
  • Does the company offer lowest price guarantee? That is a simple Yes and No. It might get complicated with comparable classes–live instruction, US written material, US-based company, dedicated instructors etc.
  • Does the company offer group, veteran, and unemployed discounts? Some do. Group discounts are important to companies and organizations, individual discounts even more so if you are paying for the class out of your own pocket.

And, finally, what about pass guarantees?

  • Does the training company offer a pass guarantee? And is it open or limited? Some companies guarantee pass only if you take the exam in seven or ten days, which is not possible for most students. You cannot submit your application to PMI for PMI certification until you have completed a class and it will take 7-10 days to process. More practical pass guarantees allow you to take the exam within a year.

As you shop for PMP certification exam prep class training for yourself or your employees, you should ask about quality, delivery, and price. Compare your choices!

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