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Who Should Get PMP Certified?

“Who” includes experienced project managers seeking Project Management Professional (PMP) certification and new or junior project managers seeking Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) certification.

Project managers earn and maintain certification issued by the Project Management Institute (PMI). CAPM and PMP certification is applicable and meaningful to project managers, regardless of their industry or type of project.

  • The CAPM certificate requires either (a) at least a high school diploma and 1,500 hours of project experience or (b) 23 contact hours of project management training.
  • The PMP certification requires with a college degree, 4,500 hours of experience leading and directing projects over the past 3-8 years and 7,500 hours if you do not have a degree. PMI also requires 35 contact hours of project management training, such as our PMP exam prep classes. By definition, a project is any temporary endeavor that has a start/finish and produces a unique product, service, or result. Lots of things qualify as projects.

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ezProjectManagement - Best Project Management and PMP Training!

100% Live Training

Our classes, workshops, and seminars are:

  • 100% live, interactive, and instructor-led. Absolutely no recorded content,
  • Relevant, correct, current, and complete,
  • Written and delivered in American English,
  • Accessible for anyone with disabilities and are Section 508 compliant, 42 USC § 12101 and 29 USC § 794 (d), respectively,,
  • Our in-person classes are held in locations convenient to public transportation and always includes free parking. Live online classes are browser-based, so are simple to access.
ezProjectManagement - Best Project Management and PMP Training!

Why Choose Us?

What really makes us stand out is that we are experts in project management and we teach project management. Our classes are 100% live, nothing recorded. Our value is exceptional quality, experienced instructors, and lowest price, guaranteed. Plus, we are an American-owned, veteran-owned small business.

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